If someone purchased a defective product, it is certainly not uncommon for her to wonder if she may have a product liability case in California. However, things really boil down to whether someone was hurt by the defective product.

If nobody was injured by the defective product that you purchased, it is pretty much guaranteed that you aren't going to have a product liability case. Product liability cases center around obtaining compensation for damages, which would generally include things like medical bills, pain and suffering or lost wages. If the defective product simply gave you a good scare, there's no much there to pursue. Every once in a while someone may be able to base her case simply around the emotional stress or trauma they sustained because of the product, but that is not a normal everyday occurrence.

You may not have a product liability case, but you should still report the defect to the company who made the product as soon as possible. The company may not be aware of a serious design or manufacturing flaw that could ultimately end up injuring many of people. By reporting the defect, you could potentially save others—and hopefully, get your money back for the trouble the product has caused you.

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