Neck and back injury treatment is now supported by more than family practice doctors, orthopedic doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. Pain management doctors are now a valuable resource for spinal injuries and chronic pain. Pain mangement doctors specialize in management  and treatment of acute and chronic pain. They have tools and techniques to diagnose injuries that were previously not well understood. They have medical resources and knowledge to relieve pain that used to be considered untreatable. Epidural injections, facet block injections,  endoscopic discectomies are just a few of the options available that fill the gap between non invasive care such as physical therapy and invasive care like surgery. MRIs also have advanced to the point where doctor can look at the structure of the spine, the nerves and ligaments and see injuries and conditions that generate pain. Surgical techniques available to orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons have made surgery to the neck and back faster, safer, and more effective at relieving pain and restoring function, with faster recovery times and better results. Often, a spinal surgery can be done on an outpatient bases and you can return home the same day with only a bandaid on the the site of the small incision.

This not only helps people who have suffered spinal injuries to get their lives back on track, it reduces suffering, it returns people to their jobs, their hobbies and their activities of daily living. In terms of injury claims, these newer specialists and treatments allow people who have been injured to prove their claims more accurately and more effectively. It has taken people with claims that would have been lost in the gap between surgery and rest, pills or medications, and allows them the ability to prove serious injuries that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to prove.

Your lawyer and your doctor need to be aware of all of the new modalities and techniques of testing, diagnosing and treating spinal injuries in order to get your life back on track and obtain the proof necessary to allow you to get full compensation for your injuries, either through settlement or trial.

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