While slip and fall cases fall under the personal injury umbrella, it is important the victims of slip and falls understand that these types of cases are unique and are generally more complex than auto accident cases.

The reason why these types of cases are unique is that the other side will always blame you for being inattentive, not watching where you were going, or for wearing the wrong type of shoes. For example, if you fell in spilled liquid in a grocery store, the store will attempt to blame you for your fall and indicate they had no notice of any dangerous condition on their premises.

Because the store knows that it will be difficult for you to establish when the hazardous property condition occurred, they will deny responsibility. However, if you have a good slip and fall lawyer on your side who knows what to do and how to secure video surveillance from the store, you may be able to prove that the store did have notice of the dangerous condition.

For help securing video footage and pursuing your premises liability case to the fullest, you need to contact a law firm who has successfully represented victims of slip and fall accidents. For a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of John P. Rosenberg in Woodland Hills at 818-716-6400 or online at

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