If you have been in a car crash or other type of traffic accident on a Southern California freeway, you probably know that you will soon be hearing from the other driver’s insurance company. Before dealing with any insurance company, find out how an insurer will use an index system to get to know you.

Insurance companies will run your name through an index system to find out if you have any prior insurance claims. They do this to find out about the nature of your injuries from past injury claims. They like knowing all they can about you to try and limit their liability. This is why they also will keep track of your lawyer and doctor. They know which attorneys always settle cases and which lawyers are trial attorneys. They use the index system to their advantage so they can get to know who they are dealing with from the very beginning—hoping to make you a lowball settlement offer. This is why it is critical to your case outcome that you hire an experienced Los Angeles trial attorney to ensure a maximum recovery.

When insurance companies know you have a lawyer on your side who will negotiate to the fullest and isn’t afraid to take your case to trial, they will be prepared to make you a better offer. To work with an attorney like this, contact the Law Offices of John P. Rosenberg for a free consultation at 818-716-6400 or online at

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