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General Mills does not want you to have access to the courts

  • By: John Rosenberg
  • Published: 04/21/2014

UPDATE: Since this article was posted, General Mills has dropped its insistence that customers that interact with them through the internet are barred from class action suits or from filing lawsuits over their products. They have apologized to their customers for their anti consumer act.

This interesting item was just reported by the American Association for Justice:

General Mills has granted itself a license to break the law. The owner of grocery staples including Trix, Cheerios, Betty Crocker, and Pillsbury, has quietly updated its terms of service to include a forced arbitration clause that eliminates its customers’ rights.

This means if you get salmonella poisoning from your Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you will not be able to hold General Mills accountable in court, and if you are cut by Old El Paso salsa that contains chunks of glass, your access to justice is denied. And yes, these were real things that happened last year!

Forced arbitration clauses allow corporations like General Mills to kick customers out of court and funnel them into an un-American dispute mill that is rigged, secretive and final without any ability to appeal.

If General Mills is not accountable, their customers are not safe.

Take action now! Write to Congress to urge them to protect their constituents from the abusive practice of forced arbitration!

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