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If You’re In An Accident, Is Your Insurance Coverage Enough?

  • By: John Rosenberg
  • Published: 04/09/2014

Once you have been in a collision—whether while in a car or truck, as a pedestrian, or while riding a bicycle—finding out that you do not have the kind or amount of insurance coverage you need to pay for your medical bills, your property damage, or your pain and suffering adds insult to your injuries. So many people believe that they have “full coverage” and are “fully protected,” only to learn, once an accident happens, that they have far less insurance protection than they thought. Now is the time to take a look at your policy coverages. This information can be found on the declarations page of your policy or your renewal paperwork.

2 Types of Insurance Coverage to Consider When Renewing Your Policy:

Medical payments coverage will pay medical bills incurred in the event of injuries caused by or though the use of a car. It does not have to be in your car. You don’t even need to be in a car to be covered. You can be covered if you are a pedestrian, or while riding a bicycle. This coverage is usually in amounts of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, but can be as high as $50,000 or $100,000. Even if you have medical insurance, your medical payments coverage can go a long way to cover your co-pays and deductibles.

Uninsured motorist coverage pays for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering if the other driver has no insurance, or less insurance than you. The minimum coverage in California is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per collision for bodily injury. A serious injury after being hit by a car or truck can easily exceed $15,000. Having more than the minimum uninsured motorist coverage will guarantee that your injuries, damages and losses will be covered up to the amount you decide, not on the amount of coverage a complete stranger happens to have.

Take the opportunity to protect yourself and your familiy by making sure you have the coverage you need.

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