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Anatomy of a Winning Personal Injury Case

Canoga Park County Attorney John Rosenberg Explains

In any personal injury case, whether it arises from an car crash, a slip or trip and fall due to a dangerous condition, medical negligence or a dog bite, winning is a result of your attorney’s relentless pursuit of the truth. Defendants, their insurance companies, and their attorneys will say or do virtually anything to avoid responsibility for their actions. They rely on plaintiffs and their attorneys being unwilling or unable to do what is necessary to win.

Winning a personal injury lawsuit requires uncovering all facts, all witnesses, all experts, and all documentation necessary to reveal the truth of why the defendant is responsible for causing your injuries, and what that defendant must pay to compensate you for what they have done. This process is accomplished while the defendant, his or her insurance company, and the defense attorney are fighting you and your attorney every step of the way.

You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Who Knows How to Succeed

An experienced personal injury attorney understands that knocking out the denials and defenses is accomplished through a disciplined plan of attack:

  • Research the law needed to prove the case.
  • Establish the facts needed to win.
  • Aggressively engage in litigation.

By preparing for trial from the beginning, the case will be positioned for the best opportunity for settlement.

Defendants pay money when they understand that they are at risk. That risk is that if the case goes to a trial, it is likely that the jury will require them pay money. Insurance companies try to control risk whenever possible. When they see that the plaintiff’s attorney is taking all of the correct steps to bring a case to trial before a jury, and they are likely to lose, then they will try to settle. In this way, they try to control their risk through settlement in an amount that they can negotiate. This avoids them being in the position where a jury, over whom they may have little control, forces them through a verdict to possibly pay even more money.

Your attorney’s goal is to demonstrate his willingness and ability to place a defendant and his insurance company in that risky position. Their choice is to either pay a fair sum in settlement, or risk having a jury make them pay a whole lot more. Here the the Law Offices of John Rosenberg, that’s exactly what we strive to accomplish. We serve the entire Los Angeles County region, including Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, and more. Contact us today at (818) 530-1770 or by using the form on this page for a free, no Personalized Consultation!

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