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Is Your Attorney Ignoring You or Your Case?

Attorneys failing to communicate with clients is the most common reason why clients fire one attorney and go to another.

The most common reason given by people who have been injured in an accident and who already have an attorney representing them, but call me for legal advice, is because they are being ignored by the attorney. “I don’t know what’s happening in my case.” “My lawyer never calls me back.” “I feel like I’m doing all of the work, and my attorney is not doing anything.” If you can identify with any of these statements, you’re not alone.You attorney might be the best personal injury attorney in the state of California, but if your attorney does not let you know what he or she is doing for you, what he or she has done already, or what he or she intends to do for you next, you have no way of knowing if they are doing what needs to be done, and no reason to believe that you lawyer is really looking out for your best interests.

If you’ve been injured by the negligent act of another person or company, you have only one shot at getting justice in the claims process. There are no do-overs; it must be done correctly from the beginning. If you do not believe that your attorney is interested in your case or if you form the belief that you attorney is too busy to focus on your case and your needs, then you should change attorneys.

My policy, when faced with this scenario, is to offer to contact the current attorney to let him know that the client is looking for another lawyer for representation, and if he wants to keep his client he needs to do a better job of communicating with his client. If I can intervene and help restore an attorney-client relationship, I will do so. However, when a client’s faith in his attorney is so damaged that he is not interested in having that relationship restored, its time to change lawyers.

You have a right expect frequent communication from your lawyer and his staff, to be kept up to date on important events in your case, and to have your questions answered. If you are not getting this, make an appointment to meet with your attorney, face to face, and get the information you deserve. If your attorney will not meet with you or improve his communication with you, then you should exercise your right as a client and find another attorney who will be eager to work with you and provide a higher level of professionalism.

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