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Why I Love Dynamic MRI’s

  • By: John Rosenberg
  • Published: 07/13/2014

Dynamic MRI’s: How They’re Different and Why You Should Consider One

A recent client had persistent neck pain at work. It plagued her at home. It disrupted her sleep. Her doctors were unable to explain why, after two years follwing her being rear-ended in a car accident, she continued to have such problems. All tests had come out negative, including the much heralded MRI, which appeared to be “normal.”

Dynamic MRI’s Can Reveal Problems That Traditional MRI’s May Miss

After discussing this with her doctor, we agreed that she should have another MRI, but this time it would be a dynamic MRI. This test would be done upright, with our client standing and in various positions with her neck bent while she was looking down, up, and to the side. This dynamic MRI demonstrated that when she was looking down, a position she had to adopt at work at her workstation, a cervical disc would show that it was herniated and had a 7mm protrusion of disc material into her spinal canal. This would never have been revealed in a typical “static” MRI which is performed while lying down.

With this new information we were able to settle her case for policy limits. It explained why she was still in pain and it opened new treatment options for her to obtain pain relief. The prior insurance company offer was less than half of its policy limits. The lesson to be learned is to believe in yourself, and find doctors and lawyers who believe in you. There are solutions out there for persistent and chronic injuries that can change your treatment options and increase the value of your injury claim to reflect the true nature and extent of your injuries.

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