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Is it important that other lawyers refer serious injury cases to us?

  • By: John Rosenberg
  • Published: 03/30/2014

Unless you have a family member who is an experienced personal injury attorney, or perhaps a close friend who handles these cases, or unless you have retained a good accident lawyer in the past who did a good job for you, it is difficult to know who to hire to represent you in your own serious injury case. The phone book will have lots of ads that all say about the same thing. Daytime television has plenty of advertisements from lawyers who tell you they’ll fight for you. But when it comes to making a decision about which attorney you want to stand up for you to protect and defend your interests, does a big yellow pages ad or a television spot tell you what you need to know? Probably not.

Attorneys Will Refer Other Specialized Attorneys That Can Be Trusted To Deliver Quality Representation

One way to learn which attorneys are very good at handling personal injury and wrongful death cases is to find out what do the people who know the best attorneys do when they want to refer a client, friend or family member for an accident or injury case? In the legal field, lawyers and judges know which other lawyers and law firms do the best job representing accident victims. When other attorneys or judges make referrals for themselves, for friends and family members, or their own clients, its a pretty good indicator that the lawyers to whom they make their referrals are among the best in the field. We are fortunate to be among those law firms that other lawyers call upon for their own clients and friends.

Why would a lawyer refer a potential client to another lawyer? The days of lawyers being good at handling every type of case is long past. One simply cannot be expert in every field of law. Lawyers must specialize. The field of law is too diverse and complex to allow attorneys to do everything unless they are content to be merely average and undistinguished in all fields of practice. So good lawyers want to keep their edge by specializing is specific areas of law. Smart lawyers know better than to take on a case that is outside their own field of expertise. You don’t want an attorney who specializes in contracts or family law to handle your catastrophic injury case. So lawyers develop relationships with excellent lawyers in other areas of practice so that when they meet a potential client that has needs outside of their own field, they make referrals to experienced colleagues. Referring attorneys know lots of other attorneys. They know which lawyers provide personal service, tough and effective representation, and get great results. Finding out who are the lawyers that other lawyers call on for personal injury and wrongful death cases will guide you to the best lawyers you can find.

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