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A young client of our firm had graduated from middle school and enrolled in summer school at his local public high school in Los Angeles. During summer school, he attended the first day of football tryouts, as he loved football and wanted to play at USC some day. During tryouts, the boys were divided into two groups, and our client was placed in the group to be trained as a running back. The boys went through a series of drills and were told to perform a blast drill without any helmet, shoulder pads, or protection of any kind. Unfortunately, our client broke and dislocated his neck while performing this football drill.

As of a result of this serious football injury, we filed a claim against the school for our client’s damages; however, the school district denied the claim. They stated our client received correct instructions but proceeded to do the drill incorrectly. After three years of intense litigation, we were able to prove that there was no training, that the coach was on the opposite side of the football field and a former student was overseeing the drill, and that no contact drills were supposed to be conducted on the first day of tryouts. As a result, we obtained a seven figure settlement for our client and provided him with a successful case result.

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