Car accidents happen every day in Southern California including rear-end accidents, head-on accidents, and side-impact accidents. In every type of traffic collision, there is generally one party at fault and should be held liable for the other person’s injuries and damages. However, insurance companies don’t want to pay out on claims, even if their insured was at fault.

In order to limit their liability and pay as little money as possible in a car accident claim, insurance claims representatives have tricks up their sleeves. One of the games they like to play in order to trick an innocent driver into saying something they can use against him or her is obtaining a recorded statement. Before giving the other insurance company a recorded statement, you need to know that the insurance company will use anything you say against you in your claim. 

If you intend to retain an attorney, the best thing you can do for your claim is to decline providing a recorded statement. If you plan on handling your own claim, make sure you understand the importance of what you say in a recorded statement so that you don’t play into the insurer’s hands.

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